Projecting a professional image means being aware of the words you use. Therefore, your translation must be precise and match your original document. Conveying the essence of your meaning in another language using the correct terminology and style is a complex task best left to professionals and certainly not to machines.

Personal letter, business document, communication booklet, seminar brochure, speech, website page or newspaper article, by understanding the ultimate purpose of your document, she will fine-tune the translation and give it greater relevance.

English-to-French audio-to-text  

Audio and video files recorded in English can be translated into French written documents.


Monique Provost-Chatigny has extensive experience in providing reliable and accurate transcription for academic and general business. Your project is handled by a competent professional who looks forward to understand and respond to your unique needs. Whether it is to transcribe notes, interviews, research, lectures or other audio and video projects, you can choose between three voice-to-text transcription process.

Refined Transcript

This is probably the most commonly requested format. All interjections and fillers such as “Hmm”, “You know”, “Yeah”, “Eh”, etc. will be omitted from the transcript. The end result makes it far easier to read and understand.

Verbatim Transcript

Verbatim transcript includes everything that the transcriptionist hears in the audio file, like the fillers just mentioned before. On request, we can also record: changes in pitch, tone and emotion when noticed in the recording, laughing, long hesitations, etc. Verbatim is used mostly for ethnology research, oral history interviews, legal transcriptions including Court hearings, police transcription and employee disciplinary meetings. The purpose is to give further meaning to respondents’ answers while performing your process analysis.

 Confidential policy

As professional, Monique Provost always provide full confidentiality and non-disclosure of clients’ information. If your documents contain sensitive information we can sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement prior to start the translation.

On-time and On-schedule:

Turnaround time for every translation depends on the document’s size and complexity, we will provide you approximate time range for the project along with a quote for your professional translation.


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